What will Happen in “The 100 Season 7”? What to Expect from Final Season ?? Find out all we need to know HERE!!!

The 100 is one of the most brilliant post-apocalyptic science-fiction drama. CW released the show in 2014, and it gathered a lot of momentum once it was streamed in Netflix. Jason Rothenberg developed the series based on the novel series of the same name written by Kass Morgan.

The show begins with a post-apocalyptic scenario where after a devastating nuclear apocalypse, some humans managed to survive in space stations, known as Arcs. Now, after 97 years of the apocalypse, they are low on their oxygen supplies. To test the Earth’s environment, the elders decide to send a group of 100 criminal adolescents to the Earth.

Thus, begins the journey of Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), Finn Collins (Thomas McDonell), Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick), Monty Green (Christopher Larkin), and Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos). Bob Morley plays Bellamy Blake, who illegally boards the ship to protect her sister Octavia. Clarke and Bellamy, eventually become close friends and the leaders of the survivors. Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) and Joe Murphy (Richard Harmon)  also become an important part of the group.

What will Happen in "The 100 Season 7"? What to Expect from Final Season ?? Find out all we need to know HERE!!!

After six years of beautiful story-telling and strong character arcs, the Network renewed the show for a seventh and final season in 2019. Fans will be waiting for the show to release on 20th May 2020. Clarke and her friends have gone through immense loss and struggle throughout their lives to survive and move on.

What to Expect from The 100 Season 7

In the sixth season, the survivors are in a cryosleep for 125 years. After waking up, Clarke, Bellamy, and others discover a new habitable world. They call it the Sanctum. The group discovers that people are living in this world, and Clarke has to negotiate for her friends in this new society. With a new world comes new dangers. Specifically, the mysterious ruling families of the Sanctum The Primes and the rebel group Children of Gabriel.

The Cast of the 100 Season 7

Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, and Marie Avgeropoulos will reprise their roles as Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia. Lindsey Morgan will be back as the tenacious Raven Reyes. Paige Turco and Henry Ian Cusick will not be coming back after their characters’ sad demise in season 6. Shanon Kook will be joining the main cast for the final season as Jordan Green. Shelby Flannery will be playing the grown-up Hope in the final chapter. Chad Rook and Alaina Huffman will be joining the team as newcomers.

What will Happen in "The 100 Season 7"? What to Expect from Final Season ?? Find out all we need to know HERE!!!

The Plot of The 100 Season 7

Finally, it is time to say goodbye to our beloved characters with the final chapter, which is going to comprise 16 episodes. Season 7, as confirmed by Rothenberg, will focus on The Anomaly. Consequently, he also added that “the ending of a story always is the point of the story, the moral of the story. We have yet to reveal the moral of the story.”

The series has dealt with questions about the price of surviving. Clarke and Bellamy continuously have to make difficult choices to protect their loved ones. However, Jason says that the moral of the story will not be that “People are horrible, we all suck, we’re willing to kill everyone and everything and do anything to survive.” Instead, he says, “there’s a higher purpose.” Fans will have to wait just a little while longer. All good things must come to an end.

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