When Exactly “Log Horizon Season 3” Planning to come on Screen?? Detail Plot and Release Date.

Log Horizon is a Japanese anime series based on the manga of the same name. Toshizo Nemoto is the writer, and Shinji Ishihara is the director of the anime series. The first season of the anime adaptation aired on NHK Educational TV in 2013. Subsequently, the second season aired in 2014. Both seasons comprised of 25 episodes. The series has been well received and appreciated by the audience and critics alike.

The series follows Shiroe, a young grad student trapped in the game world. He is a strategist who tries to form a band with other players- the Log Horizon to survive in this world. They are unable to get out of the gaming world after a new update in the game. However, the quirky but socially awkward Shiroe will find a way out.

When Exactly "Log Horizon Season 3" Planning to come on Screen?? Detail Plot and Release Date.

The earlier seasons were immensely successful, and therefore, the fans cannot wait for the new season. The series deals with deeper themes like searching for one’s identity in a strange land. Moreover, trapped in their reality, the players are looking for a new purpose apart from the real personas. Shiroe has taken it upon himself to rebuild this society. Interestingly, he wants to find the source of all gold and buy every piece of property on the server and sell it back to the server. In an attempt to save everyone, Shiroe almost alienates himself from his team.

Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table will premiere in October 2020 with a 12-episode story arc. Studio Deen is the animation studio associated with the animation of the third season. So far, the cast members of the last season will reprise their roles like Shiroe (Mike Yager) and Nyanta (Joji Nakata). Akatsuki voiced by Emiri Kato will also join the team for further adventures.

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