When is She Was Pretty Season 2 Release Date & More Updates!

Based on a true story, She Was Pretty is a South Korean Workplace Drama series featuring Park Seo-Joon, Hwang Jung-Eum, Go Joon-Hee, and Choi Si-Won as its regulars. The series became an instant hit back in South Korea as well as internationally. This one is a sweet Romantic Comedy that has stayed with us all even after all this time. moreover, we seriously can’t get over the lovable characters and the cast members playing them. And Fans are gravely missing When is She Was Pretty Season 2 and it’s highly sought after.

About When is She Was Pretty Season 2

This K-Drama is the right pick after a day of exhaustion and a tiring schedule. The light-hearted moments warm your heart like anything and you can’t help but keep coming back to it. It ran a course of 16 episodes in 2015 and touched heartwarming concerns related to love, friendship, self-confidence and gave lessons regarding our life patterns.

When is She Was Pretty Season 2 Returning? Release Date & More Updates

Furthermore, it also reminded us that we can’t escape our problems after all. Even if we try to run away from them they are bound to catch up to us one day. The series even gave us a soft and mellow soundtrack with songs from renowned artists like Yoo Ki-Hyun (from the South Korean band Monsta X), So-Yu, Brother Su, and even the cast members Park Seo-Joon and Choi Si-Won.

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The Official Announcement

As of now, there is no announcement for When is She Was Pretty Season 2. The first one ended on a very conclusive and happy note so that leaves small room for another season. Some K-Dramas have gone on for a sequel by completely revamping the series by bringing in a new cast and so on. Since the story followed by the old characters has been closed now, one way to bring back the show is through this method. However, it’s already been 5 years without any further notice so it’s unlikely to happen at this point. Let’s see if there are any changes in the coming year.

She Was Pretty Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 started airing from 16 September to 11 November 2015, two days a week on MBC for 16 episodes. Ever since then everything has been rather quiet as far as the series is concerned. It doesn’t look like the series will be picked up for When is She Was Pretty Season 2 any time soon since we already got our happy ending.

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When is She Was Pretty Season 2 Storyline

The plot is situated in a fashion magazine’s publishing office and follows the real-life events of two people who meet again years later, after what seems like they’ve exchanged their life status. Kim Hye-Jin, a pretty girl from an affluent household who seems to have it all soon runs into bankruptcy and even loses her charms. On the other hand, Ji Sung-Joon who was the opposite of Hye-Jin later turns into a handsome adult and the Deputy chief editor at “The Most” magazine. On reaching adulthood, the old friends decide to meet each other. Will When is She Was Pretty Season 2 coming soon?

However, Sung-Joon does not recognize Hye-Jin and that worsens her sense of self-esteem. She still seems to have feelings for Sung-Joon and does not want to ruin her old image in front of him, so she sends her friend, Ha-Ri in her guise to meet Sung-Joon. Complication finds its way into their lives when Hye-Jin starts interning for the same magazine publishing office.

The Trailer

It’s not guaranteed if there will be a Season 2 of She Was Pretty or not. Let’s relive our memories of the first season by watching its trailer.

Watch the first season of She Was Pretty on Netflix.

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