When is Accidentally in Love Season 2 Returning? Release Date & More

Accidentally in Love is a Chinese Romantic Drama, the show has been directed by Zhong Qing, the show aired 30 episodes from 8th August 2018 to 7 September 2018. The show has garnered immense support from the fans, as it has a rating of 7.6 on IMDb. The show was broadcast on Tencent and Mango TV. Accidentally in Love Season 2 is Expected by fans and we have the latest news for you.

Accidentally in Love Season 2 Official Announcement

As of right now, there is no official announcement of the new season, what was supposed to be a second season, turned out to be a sister show. So as of now the studios have neither accepted nor denied the new season. Hopefully, we’ll get to know about the new season soon.

Accidentally in Love Storyline

The show is centered around a blossoming romance between, a popular music star Si Tu Feng also known as “Your Highness” and a young quirky girl named Chen Qing Qing. In the final episode, Feng receives an opportunity to go to America, as he is signed by a record company based over there, Qing Qing also gets an opportunity to go to Japan, both of them are worried that they might not be able to meet each other.

When is Accidentally in Love Season 2 Returning? Release Date & More

Feng agrees to go to America, much to the disappointment of Qing Qing, but he steps down from the car and returns to Qing Qing. The last shot shows a comic book written by Qing Qing named “Accidentally in Love”, which is based on their love story.

Possible New Cast of Accidentally in Love Season 2

The two main characters of the cast are Guo Jun Chen as Si Tu Feng and Sun Yi Ning as Chen Qing. The rest of the cast members include Ma Li as Gu Nan Xi, Zhao Yi Qin as Lin Yi Yang, Zhou Mo as Zhang Fang Fang, Yan Hao Yuan as Hua Mu Nian, Cheng Mu Xuan as Lan Xin Yan, Yuan-Hao as Lu Jing Yang, Pan Le Yi as Lan Xin Yu, Guo Zhen as Si Tu Jie and Magic Feng as the music company owner.

Accidentally in Love Season 2 Release Date

No, Release Date has been announced. Due to the pandemic delays, most of the filming had to close and delayed. There have been no reports about filming being done. So our best guess for the show to be released would be around mid-2022 to late 2022.

Accidentally in Love Trailer


Accidentally in Love is available on Netflix, so those who haven’t watched the show can go over there and check it out.

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