Who is Sarah Vandella? Everything You Need to Know About Her?

Sarah Vandella, the recipient of the Night Moves 2018 Best Female Performer award has established herself as the renowned and most successful adult entertainer. Sarah gained prominence both in the field of adult film as well as music. Her passion for music was more or less similar to that of her passion for sexual pleasures. She likes traveling and loves maintaining her physical fitness when she is off from her work life.

Personal Life of Sarah Vandella

Sarah Vandella was born on 2nd December 1983 and was brought up in Long Island, New York. She started her career in the field of adult entertainment when she was just 22. She started her career in adult films in 2007.  By that time her views regarding sex and adult entertainment were really broad. Her concept about the same was comprehensive. More details regarding her personal life are not available.

Who is Sarah Vandella? Everything You Need to Know About Her?

Till her twenties, Sarah Vandella was busy with her schooling and some retail jobs. Her unsatisfied life made her search for more pleasures. Eventually, she found out her real interest. She was very much curious about sexuality. Sarah longed to be an independent woman and for the same reason, she followed her interests.

Work Experience

Sarah Vandella started working in an adult video shop, and that marks her turning point in life. She learned more about adult videos and collected information regarding people with similar interests. Eventually, she became a club dancer. From there, the distance to an adult film actress was very less.

Real-Life struggles in Sarah Vandella’s career.

Like any other porn video actress, she too faced many criticisms. There are people who criticize them badly but curiously wait to see them secretly. This is a true fact. Sarah and actors like her were considered illiterate and immoral. In the eyes of society, they were of low status. But with Sarah Vandella, it was her passion, anxiety, and love for sexuality that made her choose this career.

Sarah Vandella is quite different from other ordinary women. She is an out of box performer. Her concepts, her goals, and her passions are entirely different from others. She really enjoyed her life as an adult video artist and was also bold to say no to the things she was not interested to do in front of the cameras. Her intention to introduce herself as a bold and independent lady seeks attention.

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