‘Will Smith’ & ‘Martin Lawrence’ Starrer ‘Bad Boys 3’ releasing on Netflix?

Bad Boys Franchise which has been running for 25 years till now. The movie series has been a huge hit. The series, which portrays an action-comedy genre has received immense appreciation from fans all over the world. In the third part of the movie series, Bad Boys for Life is now available in the theaters. The question now is if the movie series will be available on Netflix.

Bad Boys for Life circles around the entertaining circumstances around the life of two American cops. The movie is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. This is the first movie from the movie series that is not being directed by Michael Bay, who is popularly known as the king of explosions.

After a failed attempt of assassination on Mike(Will Smith), Mike goes on for revenge on the Killer. The unknown killer who is part of Mike’s past persists in hunting Mike down. Mike also starts his hunt on the unknown killer through various not so legal means. Mike pleads his partner Marcus for a journey to find his assailant one last time before Marcus retires. The duo then joins the elite government ordered team AMMO. Their aim is to bring down the drug kingpin Armando. The drug cartel is based in Miami.

'Will Smith' & 'Martin Lawrence' Starrer 'Bad Boys 3' releasing on Netflix?
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The movie is produced by Sony. The Sony Company is in a licensing deal with STARZ until 2021. Sony has clearly stated the movies produced by the organization will not be available anywhere but STARZ until 2021. After the bond period, they will be able to license the movie to individual streaming sites. So the latest that the movie will be available on Netflix is around 2022. That is if Netflix chooses to license the movie to its services.

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