[SPOILERS] Will there be ‘Drifters Season 2’?? Find out the Release Date, Plot and Other Details below.

Made into a television series by Hoods Drifters Studio, Drifters is a jam-packed thriller filled with samurai-like action. Whats makes this manga anime series stand out is its element of ‘parallel universe.’

As the name suggests, Drifters feature characters from a different timeline, who find themselves ‘drifted’ into an unknown world. The story brings out their survival struggles, their fight against the elements which are a threat to mankind known as the ‘Ends.’

Season 1 has 12 episodes, followed by 3 OVA (Original Video Animation).

The Storyline of Drifters Season 2

At the beginning of the first episode itself, we are introduced to the main character, Shimazu Toyohisa, combating his enemies in the Battle of Sekigahara. Although he wins the fight, he is severely bruised in the process. In no time, he finds himself in the middle of an aisle, completely white in color, with seemingly never-ending rows of doors. He is pulled into an alternate world before he even reacts.

Will there be 'Drifters Season 2'?? Find out the Release Date, Plot and Other Details below.

In his journey, Shimazu meets other warriors, just like him, and they form a clan of their own to stand against Ends.


Murasaki, the man responsible for sending our protagonist into the fantasy world, seems to be in control of everything. Soon, Shimazu realizes there are others too who have been transported. All by the man, Murasaki.

Will there be a Drifters Season 2?

Season 1 aired in October 2016 and ended in December 2016. The last episode had a teaser about the next season, with a message for the viewers that read – “See you again, Tokyo 20XX”. This clearly shows there will be a season 2 for sure. But no official announcement regarding the date has been made so far.


For all those waiting for spoilers, there aren’t any. But if you do wish to know more, you can read the manga version written and illustrated by Kouto Hirano.

With each passing day, the fans are getting excited and eagerly waiting for the second Season’s release. We’ll keep notifying you of the latest news. Stay with us for the next update!

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