World Trigger Season 2: What Is The Next Move Of Border Members? Read More To Know More

What is better than a season of sci-fi anime series? Two seasons of the same series!!!
Good news fans, the wait for World Trigger season 2 is over.
World Trigger is a perfect combination of adventure, drama, and sci-fi. It is based on a Japanese manga series of the same name. The first season of World trigger was released on October 5, 2014, and consisted of 73 episodes.

World Trigger: About The Anime

The plot of World Trigger is set in Mikado city, which like any other ordinary city in the world. But fate takes an unexpected turn when a portal to an alternate universe is opened in Mikado, and from this portal came monsters, called “Neighbors.” The situation of the human population was getting worse each day until a secret organization arrived, called “Border.” They helped the humans in their battle against the Neighbors.
Four years later, a humanoid Neighbor, called Yuma Kuga, joins the local school, where he meets a secret Border trainee, Osamu Mikumo.

Expected Plot of World Trigger Season 2

It is most likely that the storyline of World Trigger season 2 will pick up from where it left in season 1, and there are chances that it will be based on chapter 125 of the Manga series.
World Trigger season 2 is expected to be even more action-packed. We can assume that Border members of different ranks come down to the street to pretend that they are there to stop the attacks from Neighbors, but all of it will be a distraction.

When Will World Trigger Season 2 Release?

It has been a long wait for the fans of World Trigger season 2 as they are eagerly waiting for a release date. Unfortunately, the makers of the show have yet no confirmed release date, but rumor has it that it will release in July 2020.

Till then, check out the teaser of World Trigger season 2.

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