YouTube star ‘Brittani Boren’ Slammed for ADVERTISING!!! SON’S DEATH by Fans

Brittani Boren Leach, a YouTube Personality:

Brittani Boren Leach, a YouTube personality. Mourns the death of her 3-month-old son. Because the crew after the baby gave up on Christmas for a nap and stopped breathing. The mother of four boys and one step-daughter on YouTube has over 137,000 followers. Besides, she chronicles her day-to-day as a mother.

Instagram followers and emotional updates:

Leach, 29, shared with her Instagram followers emotional updates about Crew, starting with a post on Thursday showing a photo of the tiny hand of her cradling crew.

YouTube star 'Brittani Boren' Slammed for ADVERTISING!!! SON'S DEATH by Fans

Right now, I have no words but to ask for your prayers desperately. Not the kind you’re saying ‘ I’m praying for you / and not but the kind you’re falling on your knees and begging God for a miracle.

While at a relative’s house last night, Crew sat down for a nap, and he wasn’t breathing when I went to check him out. We live a nightmare, and inside I’m dying. Please, please pray for my dad. This can not be true.

Later Leach shared a photo of herself sitting on the side of the hospital bed of Crew. The baby boy was hooked to a fan that Leach said was “breathing for him.

YouTube star 'Brittani Boren' Slammed for ADVERTISING!!! SON'S DEATH by Fans

They are trying to stabilize his body, and he will have an MRI tomorrow to assess his brain function, and that will decide the next move.

I can’t explain what it feels like to you.”

This kind of thing only happens to people who are ‘ special. ‘ It’s not me.

He posted a photograph of her cradling her son on December 28 as he was hooked to different medical devices to help make him comfortable.

“Little earthly body is still with us” of Crew, and the family knew that ”

He’s already dancing and playing in Heaven.”

Leach and her husband, Jeff, decided to donate the organs of Crew that she said could help save three to four other babies ‘ lives.

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