Zendaya and Jacob Elordi are in a RELATIONSHIP?! Tom Holland is completely DITCHED!!

The start of a new relationship between Zendaya and Jacob Elordi, but the world is confused about Tom Holland. Zendaya and Jacob are hanging out together frequently.Tom Holland, who is also known for the Spiderman movies, is wholly devasted because of Zendaya. Tom and Zendaya didn’t care much about their relationship.

Euphoria stars start to date each other. Both Zendaya and Jacob are acting in the Netflix series ‘Euphoria.’ The characters of both are very contrasting to each other. They are more of enemies then just being friends.But the reality is something of a vast difference. Zendaya considers Jacob to be her ‘Best Friend.’ Instead, after filming the series, they became close to each other.

The Couple on the streets of New York

For a few days, the fans were in a Dilemma. Eccentric relationship between Jacob and Zendaya. The rumors spread like wildfire. The friendship turned relationship has got a lot of proof.

The two were hanging around together in every part of the world. The Duo photographed kissing each other in public. Paparazzi captured Zendaya kissing Jacob, and were having a cozy time together. The doubt and speculations came true when both of them got recorded hanging around on the streets of New York.

Tom Holland also comes to the picture when talking about Zendaya. A few months back, Holland was hanging around with Olivia Bolton, a close family friend. The social media carried out many rumors and expectations about his Break up. The fans were a bit triggered by such sort of a relationship with his girlfriend.

The pictures might not be the real scene that took place in New York. Elordi previously mentioned Zendaya as his ‘sister.’ The situation could be different, just like a friend comforting the other. Zendaya spent her twenty-third birthday with Elordi. Traveled to Greece and spotted on the Acropolis of Athens. Confusion stirs over social media about their relationship.

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