Alita Battle Angel 2: ‘Rosa Salazar’ & ‘Christoph Waltz’, will ‘Keean Johnson’ Return? Release Date & More Updates

James Cameron’s long-awaited pet project, Alita: Battle Angel launched two decades after the manga first translated by the legendary director.

The film directed by Robert Rodriguez, who ended up receiving mixed reviews but also a dedicated fanbase that resulted in a respectable $404.9 million worldwide take. That’s not enough to ensure a sequel, but if Disney wants to make it. It’s good enough to warrant one.

In July 2019, leading star Rosa Salazar confirmed that she hadn’t heard of a sequel yet. Urging fans to “buy those Blu-rays.

This is not the right time for me to call [ Disney co-chairman ] Alan Horn and be like, ‘ Hey buddy, I know you’ve got a lotta stuff going on, but how about Alita 2?

But there’s no doubt Cameron and Rodriguez have plans for a sequel, and they definitely set it up in the first project. Digital Spy spoke to the couple about what a potential future film could offer.

Alita Battle Angel 2 plot:

Alita loses her lover. Hugo, but has come to better understand herself and her own place in the world. Rising up to become a champion of the motor ball and getting her shot back to the mysterious city of Zalem and its leader Nova.

Basically, there’s a whole Motorball scene that didn’t make it into the final cut.

Producer Jon Landau told CinemaBlend:

There was a series of preparation that we filmed in Hugo’s alley showing her how to do Motorball Street.

That is really the only big sequence. All the rest was just trimmings and tucks. I’m not sure we’re ever. Because the cost of completing scenes is so high that they don’t make it into the video, I’m not sure we’re going to [ release ].

Deleted scenes notwithstanding, it is obvious that Rodriguez and Cameron planned the script to be in itself a total storyline. She already knows who she is, and she’s got a goal, and with a beginning, middle and end, it’s still a complete story.

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