Bachelorette Star Tyler Gwozdz Mysterious CAUSE OF DEATH, He was Killed by DRUG OVERDOSE

Reality show participant dead after spending almost a week in the hospital.

Aspiring psychologist Tyler Gwozdz known for his stint at the Bachelorette has reportedly died after spending a week in the intensive care unit in critical but stable condition. Police services department of Boca Raton responded to an emergency call on January 13, according to which the caller had to break the washroom door, which had been locked by Gwozdz.

The caller also said on the phone that a heroin overdose might have been involved. Boca Raton Police department spokesperson said that “case is an active ongoing investigation.” After following up on the matter and examination of records of Palm Beach County Medical Examiner Office, it has been confirmed that Gwozdz departed for his heavenly abode on January 22.

Bachelorette Star Tyler Gwozdz Mysterious CAUSE OF DEATH, He was Killed by DRUG OVERDOSE

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Tyler Gwozdz came in recognition when he entered the 15th season of the Bachelorette to woo Hannah Brown and win her love. However, after going on a date with Hannah, which the bachelorette enjoyed, according to her statement, Tyler exited the show without giving any reason or clarification. It is being reported that he had to exit because of his past relationships, a viral Reddit post claimed to know the details of this mysterious previous relationship. Still, the same was denied by Tyler in toto.


In an email to one of the media houses, Tyler said that his departure from the show was a mutual decision after discussing the matter with the producers and was best for everyone. Furthermore, he also added that the real reason for him leaving the show was not broadcasted because the show-runners respected his privacy.

Producers of the Bachelor released a statement to Bachelor Nation expressing their sorrow over the tragic news of Tyler’s death. They offered their sincere condolences to friends and family of the deceased.

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