Jude Law & Robert Downey Jr Returning with ‘Sherlock Homes 3’ Rumored Release Date, Plot & More

The famous series of Sherlock Holmes is back with its 3rd season. It is expected to go air from 21st December 2021. But fans can’t wait getting excited and waiting eagerly. The previous two seasons were heart-winning to the majority of the viewers, which created the path for the 3rd Season.

What is Sherlock Holmes all about? 

Sherlock Holmes is famous among every generation, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created this character. This character came from mid-period drama, where you can see him solving crime with his indigenous abilities. He has a sidekick name, Dr. Watson. Fans have waited more than ten years for another film to come. We can expect the third part of the movie in 2021. But there are also some rumors that creators are still confused about some plots of the film.

Though the initial release date by Warner Bros was December 2020 now, it has been changed. The reasons remain a mystery. The new release date is 21st December 2021. Sherlock Holmes has always been released on or around Christmas, as it is the favorite time for many fans of the series.

What can we expect from Season 3?

Jude Law & Robert Downey Jr Returning with 'Sherlock Homes 3' Rumored Release Date, Plot & More

Dexter Fletcher is taking over as director from Guy Ritchie. While Chris Brancato takes the lead as a scriptwriter. Producer Lionel Wigram earlier said that production would begin from 2018, but that didn’t happen. Now it is expected to start somewhere in 2020.

One of the new villains in the upcoming movie will be an American Senator. Details about two new characters have been revealed in a character description that has been officially released on the website.

The new villain is revealed to be a man named Senator Cornelius Guest. The plot of the film is said to revolve around the villain planning to steal America’s gold. The character is physically active who may be able to take on Sherlock in a fight, and he always carries a Bowie knife with him. But nothing is official yet. The other villain in the movie is Colonel Sebastian Moran, a role that will be reprised by Paul Anderson. It is not clear if the two villains in “Sherlock Holmes 3” will be working together or separately.

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