Blue Exorcist Season 3: Release Date, Synopsis and Discussions about the Show!

Blue Exorcist Season 3 or Ao no Exorcist is an anime series based on the manga that goes by the same name, written and illustrated by Kazue Kato. The show was produced by A-1 Pictures with its broadcast beginning in Japan on 17 April 2011. After a long gap of 6 years, the second season was finally released in 2017. This has us hoping that we will ultimately score a Season 3 down the line as well.

The Dark Lore-like series brings back the ages-old concept of familial disorder, as has been witnessed through Greek Mythology and Biblical Genesis. Herein, we have a demi-human (part human, part demon) trying to come to terms with his identity while having to face-off with the Demon Lord, who also happens to be his father. Although the concept sounds like another cliched and hackneyed plot, the show is still widely praised among anime fans, especially due to its amazing action sequences. The show even features the ending theme song “Take Off” by the famous K-pop band 2 PM.

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Blue Exorcist Season 3 Official Announcement

Unfortunately, no news regarding the renewal of Blue Exorcist for a third season has popped up until now. Considering the global acclaim garnered by the series, it’s safe to say that we will most likely see another season getting added to this chronology. Kato has even written a spin-off manga with Yukio Okumura at its focus. A lot of content is still pending to be presented as a part of the anime adaptation, so Season 3 will eventually find its way out. We will notify you as soon as we hear anything.

Blue Exorcist Season 3: Release Date, Synopsis and Discussions about the Show!

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date

Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer to mark our calendars for the release date of the third season. Well, they say patience always pays off and it stands proved since even the announcement for the second season of the show came years after the finale of the first one. Hopefully, our wishes will be granted soon.

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The Storyline

The storyline of this show is evidence that our existence is not limited to our inherited traits, rather it goes beyond that and significantly depends on what we choose to make out of our lives.

The twin duo of Rin and Yukio Okumura has been raised by Shiro Fujimoto, a demon hunter or an “Exorcist”. A secret overturns their life as it is unveiled that they’re actually the sons of Satan. Out of the twins, Rin inherits their biological father’s demonic powers. Regardless of his position in the world, Rin chooses to become an Exorcist like Shiro and therefore decides to attend an exorcist cram school called True Cross Academy. Upon reaching the Academy, he realizes that he isn’t alone after all. His brother who happens to be an Exorcist and one of his teachers at the Academy accompanies him on this journey to defeat Satan.

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The Trailer

Blue Exorcist Season 3 hasn’t been confirmed by the creators of Blue Exorcist. While we wait for its renewal, let’s watch the previous seasons again.

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