Free Season 4: Release Date, Synopsis and Discussions about the Show!

Free is a Japanese anime manga series, it is a sequel to a light novel named high speed. This novel received an honorable mention in the second Kyoto Animation Award contest in 2011. It is originally got broadcast on Tokyo MX, TVA from July to September 2013 after that one by one sequel came out and made a reputation for itself and now viewers are waiting for Free Season 4.

Free Season 4  Plot

Like every other anime, it has some characters which play a vital role like Haruka Nanase, His swimming style captivates others, and he idolizes water. He is a strong, quiet person who displays limited facial expressions and has a hard time communicating his feelings.

Apart from Haruka, there is Makoto Tachibana, He is Haruka’s classmate and best friend since childhood. He specializes in backstroke, Nagisa Hazuki,  He is cheerful, spirited, and outspoken and always admired Haruka swimming skills and he specializes in breaststroke. These are some of them there are many more which you got to know once you watch them.

Free Season 4: Release Date, Synopsis and Discussions about the Show!

So to begin with the plot of season 4 is yet to be disclosed but the main theme of the series is about a swimming school. Free is set in the town of Iwatobi, Japan. The story is centered on high school student Haruka Nanase, a gifted swimmer. After encountering his childhood rival, Rin Matsuoka from Samezuka Academy, he and his friends revitalize Iwatobi High School’s swim team. In addition to his childhood friends, Makoto Tachibana and Nagisa Hazuki, Rei Ryugazaki is recruited onto the team.

The Cast

The good news is that the movie has been announced but sadly no news of the new cast. But since it is a continuation of the series the cast will be the same which is Haruka Nanase voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki, Makoto Tachibana voiced by Tatshuhisa Suzuki. Moreover, there may have some new faces for that stay tuned!

Free Season 4: Release Date, Synopsis and Discussions about the Show!

Free Season 4 Release Date

A Free! 2021 movie has finally been announced! Thankfully, Episode 12 of the third season made it plainly clear that there is more to the story by proclaiming, “See you in 2020! The new film extended the “reconstruction” of the story by offering a “new episode” according to an official teaser video released in January 2019

But due to the pandemic, it got delayed and the production assures that it will take more some time. However, no need to be impatient as Free Season 4 is going to be here in 2021 somewhere around August.

The Trailer

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