Chris Hemsworth & Extraction getting SLAMMED for RACISM!!! & Problematic themes in the Movie

Extraction is the movie that is about Action and Thriller. It was being released on April 24, 2020. This movie was premiered on Netflix. It was able to get a 68% rating by Rotten Tomatoes. Critics did praise the performances of actors and action sequences. In May 2020, there were some reports indicating that there will be a sequel to this movie, and it will be on Netflix.

How was the Title being Decided?

The title of this film was initially Dhaka, as in the film, it was shown that the Indian drug lord’s son was kidnapped in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Then the title changed to Out of Fire and then final title set on Extraction.

Main Reason for this Criticism

In this movie, the main Villain is showing Bangladeshi. And it was presented in this film that mafia kingdom with child soldiers was being handled by him. And Bangladesh Holds a huge number of Muslim populations. So, it was being criticized that this film is promoting Islamophobic themes. So that is the place where the many Bangladeshis audience were angry because they were portrayed like this.

The critics and audience did criticize this film for excessive violence. In this film, Chris Hemsworth is being portrayed as a white savior. Many of the brown actors were being portrayed as the villains of the film, and the brown actors are mainly from India and Iran.

And they are being Brown actors portrayed in Bangladeshis and indicates that all the brown people are the same, which they are definitely not. So, this indicates the Racism in the film.

Many People from Bangladesh were furious that they were being portrayed like they are the terrorist or the Villain. They did a show and expressed their anger through social media.

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