‘Daniel Joseph Silva’ Planned YouTuber ‘Corey La Barrie’ Murder!!! Is it True or not???

It has been more than a week since the YouTube world lost one of its rising stars, Corey La Barrie. On the occasion of his 25th birthday, i.e., on Sunday (10 May), Corey la Barrie died in a car crash with a drunken driver. The fatal incident took place on Huston Street in Los Angeles. 

What Actually Happened on 10 May?

A high speed 2020 McLaren 600LT was traveling eastwards on Huston Street when the driver suddenly lost control over the car.

The uncontrollable car ran off the street and crashed with a stop sign and then a tree.

In an attempt to run away from the crime scene, the driver exited the car. His attempt was unsuccessful as he was stopped by the citizens who came for rescue. No other vehicles were involved in the accident. 

Silva and Corey la Barrie were rushed to a local hospital after the Los Angeles fire department arrived at the scene. Corey had sustained multiple blunt forces due to which he succumbed to death.

While Silva, a popular tattooist, who gained recognition from Ink Master, suffered minor injuries from the crash. 

Was it a Planned Murder or an Accident?

In a news release, the Los Angeles police refused to reveal the identity of the car driver. But the news stated the arrest of Daniel Joseph Silva, 27, for murder by a deadly collision. 

Corey La Barrie, YouTube’s rising star

Daniel Joseph Silva Planned YouTuber Corey La Barrie Murder!!! Is it True or not???

In just a span of two years, Corey managed to gain nearly 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1 million followings on Instagram. His videos quickly gained popularity and gathered millions of views. JC Caylen, Crawford Collins, and Chelsey Amaro often made videos with him. Most of the videos are gaining huge popularity. 

Corey ran a separate channel on YouTube with his pal Collins that had nearly 100 thousand subscribers.

Corey’s entire family is struck with grief. Although none of them has given any statements in the press, his mother and brother cried their heart out on social media.

Daniel Joseph Silva Planned YouTuber Corey La Barrie Murder!!! Is it True or not???

Corey’s fans also wrote their condolences under his last video, which was posted on 9 May, a day before his death.

It rather came down as a shock for Corey’s pals, as evident from their tweets. 

Corey’s last tweet, in which he thanked his fans for birthday wishes, expressed how happy he was on the day. We all pray to Almighty that his soul rests in peace.

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