Dear My Friends Season 2: Release Date, Will the Plot be Shifted this Time?

Dear My Friends Season 2 is a South Korean television drama series directed by Hong Jong-chan and written by Noh Hee-kyung. First aired in Korea on TvN in 2016, it has been recently added on Netflix. It is a tale of eight friends in their younger and prime selves.

Dear My Friends Season 2 Release Date

After releasing in Korea, the drama garnered enough attention and appreciation from the viewers, collected many positive reviews, and won prestigious awards. however, since its concluding finale, there has been no word about renewing the show for another season.

Dear My Friends Season 2: Release Date, Will the Plot be Shifted this Time?

The audience got to be the witness of the happily ever afters of the characters, maybe it was a befitting end for the series. But ever since its release fans have been waiting for another season to grace their lives, who knows maybe we will get one!

The Plot

Dear My Friends acquaints us with a writer, Park Wan, who has been requested by her mother to write a story about the older generation like hers. This request leads to Park Wan joining her mothers, Jang Nan-hee ‘s reunion with her friends. She can interlink her struggles with those of her mother’s friends. this helps her gain narrative and plot for her book and a renewed perspective on the lives of the elders.

This story follows these eight individuals in their prime of lives, each having their own struggles and desperation and how they see life differently from one another. We get to see a very beautiful and fulfilling happy ending in the concluding episode where these friends tackle their issues and go on their dream road trip. From there on it is up to the audience to imagine their futures and where the road will lead them. Each on their own journey.

The Cast

Dear My Friends Season 2 stars Go Hyun-Jung, Kim Hye-Ja, Na Moon-hee, Go Doo-shim, Park Won-sook, among other talented cast members.

The Trailer

Watch the Trailer of Dear My Friends Season 2 here!

Trailer for season 1, which is now available on Netflix.

Until We Comeback with more Updates on the Series, you can Check classroom of the elite season 2.

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