Prison Playbook Season 2: Release Date and 2021 Updates

Prison Playbook is a dark comedy and crime-based South Korean television series that premiered in 2017. It was directed by Shin Won-Ho and created by Lee Woo Jung. This series might just make you cry and laugh all in just one episode. Originally aired on TvN, it is available on Netflix. Fans are eager about Prison Playbook Season 2.

Prison Playbook Season 2 Plot

Kim Jehyuk, a professional baseball player is charged with brutally assaulting a potential rapist after his attempted assault at Jehyuk’s younger sister, Kim Jehee. In prison, he is forced to adapt to the criminal lifestyle as any hope for his name to be cleared by the judge slowly starts to fade away. He has to live among the criminally sane and insane inmates. It doesn’t just show the life of prisoners but also the people who work there.

Prison Playbook Season 2: Release Date and 2021 Updates

They clearly tried to show the flawed justice system and corruption. They without any hesitation and question throws the innocent in such despair and punishes them while the guilty roam free.

This drama is set up in a male penitentiary, male characters vastly outnumber the females. But the freedom and agency are undoubtedly in the hands of female characters which is something.

Prison Playbook Season 2 Release Date

No reliable source has been able to confirm whether or not there would be Prison Playbook Season 2 in 2021. And Covid-19 has made any updates on Season 2 in 2021 all the more difficult. Therefore if the creator were to start on Season 2, we could expect it sometime in 2022.

The Cast

  • Kim Jehyuk played by Park Hae-soo,
  • Jung Kyung-ho as Lee Joon-ho
  • Krystal Jung as Kim Ji-ho, Lim Hwa-young as Kim Je-hee
  • Choi Moo-sung as Kim Min-Chul
  • Park Ho-san as Kang Chul-doo
  • Lee Kyu-Hyung as Yoo Han -yang
  • Jung Hae-in as Yoo Jeong-woo, are just among many other talented artists who played in this series.

The Trailer

Will there be a Prison Playbook Season 2?

This question is very difficult to answer for two reasons. The reason is Season 1 of Prison Playbook finished airing in 2018 and since then there are no annoucement regaridng season 2. And the second reason is due to Covid-19 even if there any plans for the second season, it might have been severly delayed. However if you are still craving for a second season you could always go back and watch Prison Playbook Season 1 on Netflix.

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