Doctor John Season 2 : Release Date, Plot, Will Netflix Release a Sequel?

Doctor John, a  Korean Drama series featured on 19 July 2019. As the name suggests it showcases the lives of doctors. It is based on the Japanese novel On Hand of God by Yo Kasukabe. It is featured on the popular  SBS network. Will Doctor John Season 2 be Released Soon?

Korean Drama series has a separate fan base for Hospital soaps. Doctor John is one of the popular and beloved ones. Additionally, Netflix too released it on it’s OTT platform. It received a positive response mainly due to the interesting cases and characters. Has Netflix renewed Doctor John for  Season 2? Read on to find further details about the series.

Release Date of Doctor John Season 2

Season 1 ended on 7 September 2019. It gathered good ratings. However, it left certain loose threads. The protagonists are doctors Cha Yo-Han and Kang Si-Young. We didn’t receive closure on the relationship of the lead characters- Do they stay together or separate their ways? Additionally, the medical condition of Cha Yo-han is not discussed towards the end. Will he receive treatment or be sacked from the hospital? If Season 2 goes on the script then these important questions need to be dealt with. Subsequently, it can also showcase more difficult operations. If we receive more information, we’ll let you know.

About Next Season!

The hospital drama is based on two opposite characters- Cha Yo-han and Kang Si-Young-both anesthesiologists.   The former suffers from a medical condition that makes him insensitive to pain. The latter is a warm-hearted person who forms an emotional connection with her patients.

Doctor John Season 2 : Release Date, Plot, Will Netflix Release a Sequel?

Amidst the operation procedures, all-nighters, administration drama; two very different characters form a connection. It also deals with the topic of euthanasia. Hence, your moral compass is tested from time to time.

The Cast

Doctor John Season 2 : Release Date, Plot, Will Netflix Release a Sequel?

  • Ji Sung as Cha Yo-han
  • Park Shi-wan as young Yo-han
  • Lee Se-young as Kang Shi-young
  • Lee Kyu-hyung as Son Seok-ki
  • Hwang Hee as Lee Yoo-joon
  • Jung Min-ah as Kang Mi-rae
  • Oh Hyun-joong as Kim Won-hee
  • Kim Hye-eun as Min Tae-kyeong
  • Um Hyo-sup as Kang I-moon

The Trailer

An official trailer for Doctor John Season 2 is not launched.

Doctor John, the 16 episodes series is available for viewing on Netflix.

Until we come back with more updates about this series, you can check Classroom of the Elite Season 2 & more.

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