Go Back Couple Season 2: Release Date, Will the Show come up with a Sequel Soon?

Go Back Couple is a rom-com Korean Drama series. It was featured on 13 October 2017 on the KBS network. It was based on the webtoon series-Do it one more time. The show featured a year after the successful run of the webtoon series. The show was well-received by audience and critics alike.  Additionally, it broadcasted in the neighboring Asian countries in 2018. Wel will we See Go Back Couple Season 2 soon?

There’s some buzz about a sequel. The production team hasn’t released an official statement. However, the popularity of the show demands a sequel. Is Go Back Couple  Season 2 renewed? Read on to find further details.

Release Date of Go Back Couple Season 2

Season 1 ended on 18 November 2017. The international broadcast ended somewhere in 2018. Subsequently, it’s been a 2 year gap. However, committed fans demand a follow-up of the series. There were certain claims about a release in 2020 or 2021 however, it’s been futile. Nonetheless, the production team and makers should consider it. We have high hopes and will let you know of more developments.

The Storyline

The show revolves around college sweethearts- Choi Ban-Do and Ma Jin-Joo. The opening shows them as a married 38-year-old couple. Choi Ban-Do is a pharmaceutical salesman while Ma Jin-Joo is a housewife. Both are discontented with their married life and struggle to find meaning. Consequently, they delve into a regular squabble and regret marrying so young. Ultimately they file for a divorce. However, the next day they find themselves back as 20 years old university students!

Go Back Couple Season 2: Release Date, Will the Show come up with a Sequel Soon?

The series is a journey of hope. It’s about two people finding each other again- rekindling their once envious relationship. It’s about second chances in life and correcting the wrong. All in all, keep your tissues handy. Season 1 was one hell of an emotional ride. Go Back Couple Season 2 (if it happens) will deal further with the married couple and their son’s lives.

The Cast

Go Back Couple Season 2: Release Date, Will the Show come up with a Sequel Soon?

  • Son Ho-jun as Choi Ban-do
  • Jang Na-ra as Ma Jin-joo
  • Im Ji-kyu as Park Hyun-suk
  • Kim Byeong-ok as Choi Gi-il
  • Jo Ryun as Kang Kyung-sook
  • Go Eun-min as Choi Ja-yeon
  • Han Bo-reum as Yoon Bo-reum
  • Cho Hye-jung as Chun Seol
  • Lee Byung-joon as Ma Pan-suk
  • Kim Mi-kyung as Go Eun-sook


The Trailer

No official trailer for Go Back Couple Season 2 is launched yet.


Go Back Couple, Episode 1-16, is available for viewing on VIKI. 

Until we come back with more about the series, you can watch Gobin Slayer Season & more. 

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