Doors of Stone August 2020 Release Date Accidentally Revealed by Amazon, Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicle is Finally Back

The third and final book of The Kingkiller Chronicles, doors of stone has made fans wait for almost a decade, and one can only speculate as to what will the last book reveal finally. But it Looks Like Patrick Rothfuss has Finally Teased a Release Date for his Final Entry in the Kingkiller Chronicle. The book itself is a mystery since it’s release has been delayed for quite a number of times, and there are whispers in the air that it is set to release on August 2020, but as this is not yet confirmed by the author Patrick Rothfuss, fans can only keep their fingers crossed.

What to expect & Doors of Stone Release Date

Now as for the Doors of Stone release date, Amazon has just added it into its catalog. In that section, you could see that it says Doors of Stone will be available in August 2020. If that is not a technical error from Amazon’s side, then that pretty much confirms the upcoming release date for Kingkiller Chronicles’ Final Chapter.Doors of Stone Release Date LEAKED by Amazon, August 2020, Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle is Finally Back

This book will also show the protagonist Kovothe’s character in full glory and the reason for his downfall, which will lead him to the depressing life of Kote, who is prone to his bouts of silence and perhaps will delve further into the circumstances as to how Bast met Kovothe.

It will also reveal how Kovothe earned his name as the Kingkiller and might chart his ancestry from his mother’s side; it is a known fact that she belonged to the nobility.

Probable Theories

So what exactly is The Doors of Stone About? Is it the stone door encountered by Kovothe during his first visit in the Archives where Valaritas was chiseled the door which occurred in Fela’s dream as well as Kovothe. More importantly, what does it hide? The forgotten truth about Amyr’s or the secret of the Chandrians.

What lies in the Lackless box? Can it be connected to Kote’s thrice locked box, which he keeps under his bed? Is it somehow connected to Haliax? As we wait for the Doors of Stone release date for our questions to be answered, we can reread the previous two books, and as for new readers, it is never too late to begin The Kingkiller chronicles and get sucked into the exciting world of Temerant.

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