Everything About “Narcos: Mexico Season 3”, Will it be Release in 2020? Plot, Cast and More…

The American crime drama web series NARCOS is created by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. The 1st season was aired in 2015 and has made a remarkable fan following by further airing the 2nd season in 2016, 3rd season in 2017, and then 4rth season in 2018.

But the makers of this web series decided to renew the script and then came what we all have witnessed by watching NARCOS MEXICO. The 1st season of NARCOS MEXICO was aired in 2018, then the second in 2019, and now the fans have a question that will there be a 3rd season of this series.

Well, we have news that will make all the viewers happy as probably the makers have decided to go for the 3rd season of this program. The news is not confirmed by Netflix, but the fans must be hopeful for a return of this web series. Fans should hear some news of this return, probably at the end of March 2020.

Everything About "Narcos: Mexico Season 3", Will it be Release in 2020? Plot, Cast and More...

The Narcos series was focused on drug dealer Pablo Escobar who became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine. The second season of Mexico series ended with Felix Gallardo’s downfall as the drug kingpin was arrested.

Gallardo began the 1990s, continuing to control his cartel from prison. The show also sets up Amado Carrillo Fuentes’s rise to power in the drug underworld of Mexico. Future series of the show may also explore more about EI Chapo, who has played a small role in series so far.

Showrunner Newman also spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about whether there was a storyline where Breslin could return once again. This was all about the future plans for the Narcos Mexico season 3.

Hopefully, Netflix will announce the release dates of NARCOS MEXICO season 3 till the end of March, and the rumors of this season go all true because many of the viewers are eagerly waiting for this web series.

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