Grimoire Of Zero Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Others!

Grimoire Of Zero Season 2 is a Japanese light novel series written by KAKERU KOBASHIRI, a famous light novel writer. Grimoire of Zero was illustrated by YOSHINORI SHIZUMA. Grimoire of Zero was aired from  10th April 2107 to June 26th, 2017. There are a total of twelve episodes in the Grimoire of the Zero series. In this series, a witch named Zero travels with a  half-human and half-beast mercenary and desires to be a human.

Zero was very arrogant to the human world. Zero practices black magic however no one knew about the study of witchcraft. Zero is traveling with her mercenary guards to find out a magical Grimoire called THE BOOK OF ZERO”, that has the power of destroying the world.

Grimoire Of Zero Season 2 Plot

The world knew that the witches existed and practiced black magic in the year 526 of the Liturgical Calendar. But the world did not know anything about the study of black magic. This story contains a half-man and a half beast-mercenary popularly known as ”Fallen Beasts”. He met a witch who told that she would change Zero’s life forever. The witch introduced herself as zero and told that she was looking for something that had a magical tome that bandits had stolen from her hair.

Grimoire Of Zero Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Updates!

She called it ”THE BOOK OF ZERO” which contained magical values and power that it would bring the world to its knees. Thus to become a human, the mercenary should help Zero in her journey even though the witch was very cruel. This is the story of an arrogant witch and a kindhearted beast. Grimoire Of Zero Season 2 will come soon?

The Cast

1. ZERO: ZERO is the main character of this series. She is a witch who looks like a child in appearance but was very old. She was very cruel to mankind. She learned the study of black magic. She met a mercenary who was a half man and half animal and was desiring to become a human. Zero told that she would change his life only if he helps her to find the magical Grimoire that would destroy the world.

2.MERCENARY: Mercenary is the main male supporter who had white fur with light grey stripes on his nose. He helped zero to find the magical Grimoire”the book of zero”. Mercenary quite looked like a white tiger and he was very huge in appearance. Even though he was gruff and short-tempered, he was very kindhearted. Later Mercenary and Zero end up marrying and open their own tavern in their village together. Grimoire Of Zero Season 2 will return?

3 .ALBUS: Albus is a young girl who was a witch. She tried to cut off Mercenary’s head to increase her magical powers but Albus was stopped by Zero from doing so.

Grimoire Of Zero Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Updates!

4. SERENA : Sorena was a female witch who was the grandmother of Albus. She was burned at the stake by human witch hunters. She wore a green robe and some leaf-like strings on her hair. She had already lived a thousand years in the forest.

Grimoire Of Zero Season 2 Release Date

Anyhow, the Releasing Date of Season 2. But I would recommend everyone to watch this amazing series as it is available on amazon prime and Netflix.

The Trailer

The Trailer of Grimoire Of Zero Season 2 is here!

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