Infinite Dendrogram Volume 13 : Release Date, Plot, Cast and Others!

About Infinite Dendrogram Volume 13

Infinite Dendrogram Volume 13 is a Japanese light novel series written by Sakon Kaido and published by Hobby Japan. Illustrated by Taiki, it has 12 volumes up to date. This series is available in novels, two manga editions, and an anime television series. The story revolves around MMORPG Infinite Dendrogram, a virtual reality game released in 2043. It has the ability to stimulate the five senses of a player.

Infinite Dendrogram Volume 13 : Release Date, Plot, Cast and Others!

Infinite Dendrogram Volume 13 Release Date

Infinite Dendrogram Volume 13 is expected to release on 8th December 2020. It is available for purchase on Amazon.

Infinite Dendrogram Volume 13 : Release Date, Plot, Cast and Others!

The Plot

After the virtual reality MMORPG Infinite Dendrogram is released, nearly two years later Reiji Mukudori enters this world. He assumes the name Ray Starling, and after his arrival, he is joined by his more experienced brother Shuu and companion Nemesis. Ray explores this world and learns to make a life for himself. We see his experience with different kinds of friends and foes.

Infinite Dendrogram Volume 13 : Release Date, Plot, Cast and Others!

Battle of Vorpal Bunny is the 13th volume in the Infinite Dendrogram light novel series. In this we see Dryfe offer an olive branch to Altar but thinks about what will truly be the price. Hoping for the best yet expecting the worst, The Altarian government begins its preparation for coming negotiations. Altima needs to decide on her kingdom’s terms while Ray needs to choose a new job and join a clan in case the talks go sideways.

The Imperium isn’t just resting on its laurels either. As its leaders craft their plans, a Vorpal blade flashes in the darkness and a rabbit-shaped shadow hops out of the northern land on a top-secret mission to the southern kingdom.

The Characters

# Ray Starling is the protagonist who begins his adventure in the kingdom of Altar, where he becomes a Paladin. During the battle of Gideon, he loses his left arm still defeats his enemies. This strengthens his reputation and earns him the title of ‘The Unbreakable’.

# Nemesis is Ray’s embryo, artificial intelligence that provides him with information and tactical support. She also transforms into a sword.

# Shu Starling is Ray’s brother who wears a bear costume to hide his true identity as the king of destruction, the player with the highest kill count.

# Mr. Franklin is a scientist working for Dryfe Imperium and leader of Dryfe’s most powerful clan. He plans to end the war between the Altar and the Dryfe.

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