Is it a Wise Decision to Spend $1000 on a Smartphone in 2019

2019 could be considered a Great Year for the Smartphone Market as we saw many new releases, including the latest iPhone 11. But in this day and age, we are required to ask ourselves, is it a wise decision to buy a top-end smartphone which is priced around $1000 in 2019.

To answer this question, we have to go step by step and look at the pros and cons of buying a $1000 smartphone.

What are the Benefits a $1000 smartphones give compared to a mid-range phone?

For this, let us consider what the primary functions of a smartphone used by your average day to day user are. A normal user uses a smartphone to make calls, take photos, check his/her social media, browse the internet, & some other things. But these are all the primary functions that are utilized by an average user. Meaning when one goes to buy a smartphone, one will always look at how the smartphone will perform when doing these tasks.Is it a Wise Decision to Spend $1000 on a Smartphone in 2019

And in that case, we could a $500 smartphone or some Mid Range Phone have come on par with the top-end smartphones in the market. Even when we are talking about processing power, we have One Plus, which provides Top End processing performance at relatively half the price when compared to Samsung S10 & iPhone 11. And if we compare the camera performance, which was all the buzz in 2019, then even a Mid Range Phones smartphones could give a solid competition to a higher-end product due to the advancement made in the camera technology.

And as far as the looks and feel go, that’s up to the consumer to decide. But one thing we can say for sure smartphones has never felt too similar but different at the same time. So, as for the answer to our question, Is it wise to buy a $1000 smartphone in 2019. Well, if you are purchasing a smartphone just for the brand recognition or you are loyal to that brand, or you love to have the best tech on the market then go for it. But if you want to have a device that performs well in every aspect mentioned above & you still want to have a few bucks to spare, then the wiser choice for you is to go for a Mid Range Smartphone.

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