Katie Holmes accused of USING Jamie Foxx as a Success LADDER then DUMPING!!! Him

Katie Holmes is one of the most talented and reputed actors in Hollywood, who is quite known for her good looks. Katie Holmes and the “Django Unchained” star Jaime Foxx had been dating for six years. Although their relationship was not very public, they seemed to be pretty close during the time that they were dating. 

Katie Holmes and Jaime Foxx’s break up is all that anyone is talking about on social media. According to Ok! Magazine, the break was triggered by Katie Holmes wanted to allegedly ” take advantage” of Jamie Holmes industrial connections.

In spite, the break-up reports becoming official in August last year, Six Page magazine reports that Katie Holmes told her friends that hadn’t been together with Jamie for months.

The real reason which the couple broke up is not clear, but reports say that the couple was not satisfied with the long-distance relationship that they had. Katie was always concerned about Jamie Foxx’s partying ways, according to InTouch.

Many magazines and news websites, along with a few people, believe that Katie Holmes took advantage of the limelight her relationship with Jamie Foxx was bringing in her career.

Being close to Jamie Foxx apparently drew the attention of many known producers and powerful personalities of the film industry towards Katie’s Hollywood profile, which seemed to be profitable for her career in the film industry. When it seemed like Jamie Foxx had no more contacts to offer to Katie Holmes, she decided to leave him. 

In actuality, the couple did not officially give a reason for their break-up to the press, which could be the reason why rumors about their break up became a hype on social media and in all the entertainment magazines.

As of now, all the information that is being circulated on social media platforms and magazine websites are just rumor and cannot be believed as truth. Currently, the couple has not commented on the reason for their break up. 

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