Monogatari Series: Watch Order Guide! Inside the Anime and More!

Written by novelist Nisio Isin, Monogatari is a light novel Japanese series. It has a complicated release order for both the novel and anime adaptations. The anime series is the work of SHAFT and was developed for 26 consecutive volumes itself. At present, there are 24 novels of the series and the next five are on the waiting list. This Japanese anime is based on a central story and also contains several short stories. Although the emphasis is laid on watching the series in sequential form but isn’t necessary.

About Monogatari

The release of the second and final season had created a bit of disorder which was necessarily done to keep up the suspense. However, the series is connected to the main idea where all the characters are found to be connected to the same theme. Although watching the series in order isn’t enforced, below we have given a sequential order Guide for Monogatari Series.

Monogatari Series: Watch Order Guide! Inside the Anime and More!

Monogatari Series: Order for the first-time watchers

For those who are deciding to watch the series we recommend should definitely go with the sequential format which we have described below. This is the release order of the Monogatari series and is highly recommended to those who are thinking to give it a shot:

  • First Season: It consists of:

    Bakemonogatari released in 2009 –  It includes the Stories of Mayoi Snail, Hitagi Crab, Nadeko Snake, Suruga Money, and Tsubasa Cat.

     Nisemonogatari released in 2012 – It consists of the Stories of the Tsukihi Phoenix and the Karen Bee.

    Nekomonogatari Kuro also released in 2012 – Tells the Story of the Psubasa family in the sequel

  • Second Season: It includes:

    Monogatari Series Season 2 released in 2013 – It majorly consists of single-story novels, including Mayoi Jiangshi, Shinobu Time, Tsubasa Tiger, and Hitagi End.

    2. Hanamonogatari  Season 2 released in 2014 – It shows the story of the Suruga Devil.

  • Final or Third Season: The finale of the Monogatari Series includes:

    Tsukimonogatari, released in 2014.

     Owarimonogatari, released in 2015

     Koyomimonogatari, released in 2016

     Owarimnonogatari (Part 2), released in 2017

    Zoku Owarimonogatari released in 2018

This was our recommendation list for the viewers who are looking forward to watching the Monogatari series for the first time.

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