More Than Friends Season 2: Release Date, The Storyline, Entire Cast and Official Announcement about Season 2!!

Introduction to More Than Friends Season 2

This K-drama from South Korea had a successful season 1 for a romantic comedy. It aired from September till November this year. Directed by Choi Sung-bum, this light-hearted show is a family entertainer. More Than Friends Season 2 when to priemere?

Release Date of More Than Friends Season 2

Though the fans worldwide are expecting a Season 2, it might not be a reality. Nothing has been confined by the makers yet.

The Official Announcement

Season 2 is yet to be announced officially. Rumors have it that Season 2 may be seen in 2021 after having survived the pandemic.

The Storyline

Eighteen-year-old Kyung Woo Yeon falls in love with her friend Lee Soo who also has a crush on her. But none confesses. Nor does destiny let them.

A decade after, they still are in love but fear the one-sidedness of it might break either’s, heart. Denied confession by fate, they keep misunderstanding each other only to delay the revelation. But not suspend it completely.

More Than Friends Season 2: Release Date, The Storyline, Entire Cast and Official Announcement about Season 2!!

Do they both face the confession or keep their long-forbidden love canceled deep down in their hearts? Watch More Than Friends to find out.

The Cast

The show has a huge cast comprising of the main leads and the supporting actors. We see Ong Seong-wu as Lee Soo, Shin Ye-eun as Kyung Woo-Yeon, and Kim Dong-jun as On Joon-soo as the main lead.

The supporting cast has Pyo Ji-hoon as Jin Sang-hyuk, Baek Soo-min as Han Jin-Joo,

Ahn Eun-jin as Kim Young-hee,  Choi Chan-ho as Shin Hyun-jae, Ahn Nae-sang as Lee Young-hwan, Kim Hee-jung as Choi Won-jung, Jo Ryun as Park Mi-sook, Seo Sang-won as Kyung Man-ho, Yang Hee-jae as Chul-soo, Kang Yoon-je as Joon-young, Oh Hee-joon as Min Sang-shik, Jung Mi-hyung as Min-ah, Yoon Bok-in as Oh Yoon-j, Kim Dal-yul as Kim Chul-soo, and Baek Seo-yi as Hwang Ji-hyun.

The Trailer

More than friends is available on Rakuten VIKI so those who want to watch it can check it there.

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