Find Me in Your Memory Season 2: Release Date, Main Cast, Storyline and other details!!

Introduction to Find Me in Your Memory Season 2

Find Me in Your Memory is a K-drama that aired in the year 2020. Mostly with a cliché backdrop, this show failed to garner enough popularity due to the plot. The actors, however, have worked awesomely well to get the world talking about the show. Find Me in Your Memory Season 2 to come soon?

Release Date of Find Me in Your Memory Season 2

Although the global and local admirers are expecting a Find Me in Your Memory Season 2, it might not be a reality anytime soon. Nothing is confirmed yet.

The Official Announcement

There has been no official announcement about the show getting a season 2. But let’s hope we get one. Because why not?!

find me in your memory

The Storyline

A simple love story with a twist. A love story between people who are poles apart.

find me in your memory

A rising star and a top actor, Yeo Ha-Jin, forgets all her troublesome past after a mishappening. This makes her live life as it comes to her. Carefree as she is, crosses paths with Lee Jung-Hoon who has a difficult medical condition. Suffering from Hyperthymia, Lee remembers every single moment of life since childhood. Causing him more pain, he remembers his girlfriend who went missing 8 years ago. Trouble arises when Lee who is a news anchor starts questioning his guests in a manner that is more interrogative than welcoming.

Do Yeo and Lee finally adjust their ‘time zones’ to make space for each? Or live their lives per their wish? Watch Find Me in Your Memory to know more.

The Trailer


The Cast

All the justice done to the conventional love story is the hard work by the actors. We see Kim Dong-Wook playing Lee Jung-hoon and Moon Ga-young playing Yeo Ha-jin. A huge list of supporting actors has made the show extremely watchable.

More than friends is available on Rakuten VIKI so those who want to watch it can check it there.

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