National Treasure 3 is Finally Returning with Nicolas Cage & Diane Kruger: Expected Storyline, Release Date, Cast [New] & More

Little National Treasure released in 2004 and has come a long way since then. It gave us Benjamin Gates de Cage. He, in return, gave us an action-packed, entertaining movie.

Despite receiving plenty of criticism, the film turned out to be a super-duper hit and earned $347.2million worldwide. A sequel to this movie followed soon in 2007. This movie gave Benjamin Gates de Cage another adventure to embark on, and we loved it. Shortly after this sequel, a third part was planned.

Unfortunately, it has been 12 long years since then, but the third part saw no development. Despite lots of discussions, National treasure 3 never really happened. It seemed to be stuck. However, there is some progress finally this year, and we might get to see Benjamin on another adventure soon.

National Treasure 3 Plot :

The exact plot has not been revealed. However, owing to the last two films, this has to be another adventure of Benjamin filled with lots and lots of action.

The first movie revolved around an adventure of finding a hidden treasure in the United States left by our founding fathers while protecting the Declaration of Independence against theft.

The second part, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, revolves around the murder of President Abraham Lincon.

There is no news as to where the third part will take place. long back in 2012, in an interview, Cage said: “… it would be interesting to move the national treasure to South America.” Now, this interview was long back, so we don’t know how much to rely on this.

National Treasure 3 Cast :

We may expect to see the same cast.  American cryptologist and historian Benjamin Gates, played by Nicholas Cage, will be the lead. Also, Justin Barta, as Riley Polley, Gate’s best friend, will be seen along with several others.

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