Record Of Youth Season 2 Release Date and 2021 Updates

The new show fans are already wondering about Record Of Youth Season 2. 2020 hasn’t been so great because of the pandemic. However, it has been an amazing year for lovers of Korean dramas. There are a lot of excellent new releases. Record of Youth premiered on September 7, 2020, on TVN and is still airing. The international broadcasting rights for the show are with Netflix. The first season will end on October 27, 2020. So, here’s everything we know about Record Of Youth Season 2.

Record Of Youth Season 2 Release Date

Record Of Youth Season 2 is highly anticipated by fans, however, Season 2 renewal is NOT confirmed. But there is still some hope for the upcoming as the series has not been canceled by creators. Therefore we could expect some information about the upcoming season later this year. The production of the series has been delayed significantly due to the ongoing pandemic. We’d have to wait for an official update from the creators themselves.

Record Of Youth Season 2 Storyline

The story of the Korean drama is set in the world of modeling. It focuses on three young adults that belong to different social classes. It shows their journey as they tackle the ups and downs of the fashion industry’s cutthroat world. Sa Hye Jun is a model who wants to become an actor. Also, Won Hae Hyo is a model who wants to be an actor as well. 

Through their work, they meet and become friends with Ahn Jeong Ha. She is a quiet but cheerful makeup artist. The show follows their trials and tribulations as they discover things about themselves, each other, and the industry. There is no news about the plot of the second season as the first season hasn’t ended yet.  Well until we get anything from the Lead actors or from the Production team, we cannot say anything whatsoever about the Plot and the Cast now.

Record Of Youth Season 2 Release Date, News, Updates & More

The Cast & Crew

The show showcases the talents of actors that are absolute fan favorites. The cast of Season 2 may include:

  • Park Bo Gum as Sa Hye Jun 
  • Park So Dam as Ahn Jeong Ha
  • Woo-Seok Byeon as Won Hae Hyo
  • Kwon Soo-Hyeon as Kim Jin Woo
  • Hie-ra Ha as Han Ae Sook
  • Jin-hie Han as Sa Min Ki

At the helm of the Korean drama, the Director is Gil Ho Ahn. Also, the screenwriting credit goes to Myung Hee Ha. Well will all of them return or will some be changed? All depends on the News!

Where To Watch?

As mentioned earlier, the original network of the show is TVN. As the international broadcasting rights for the show belong to Netflix, we expect Record Of Youth Season 2 to be available on the platform. The season will be available simultaneously on Netflix and TVN as it was for the first season. For now, the first season of the Korean Drama is available for viewing on Netflix for viewers worldwide. 

The Trailer

There is no official trailer for Record Of Youth Season 2 because the first season is still airing. Once it ends and a new trailer pops up, we will let you know. In the meantime, check out the trailer for the first season below. 

How many Season is the Record of Youth?

Currently, Record of Youth has only 1 Season which was released back in September 2020. Netflix aired 2 episodes of the series every week. And there are a total of 16 episodes in Season 1 which you can check out here.

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