When Will We Get Accidentally In Love Season 2? News & Updates

Viewers have been wondering about Accidentally In Love Season 2 since the end of the first season in 2018. The romantic comedy ran for a month and endeared itself to its fans. The Chinese drama from Tencent Video’s original airing dates is from August 8, 2018, to September 7, 2018. There is also a dubbed version which Netflix has the rights for. However, there is nothing but speculation when it comes to the second season of this well-received show. So, here’s all the information we know about another season of Accidentally In Love. 

Accidentally In Love Season 2 Storyline

The story focuses on the daughter of a rich household whose name is Chen Qing Qing. She wants to avoid marriage and find love on her own terms. She runs away from her wedding and goes to enroll in the same college where her parents went. As a result, she needs to disguise her appearance and identity to blend in and not be found. The person who she sits with is a famous singer. His name is Si Tu Feng. 

Their relationship doesn’t start off well but it changes over time. The story is the journey of Chen’s search for the truth about her parent’s death along with her search for actual love. If and when the second season does become a reality, the story will continue from the end of the first season. It will answer old questions and raise new ones.

When Will We Get Accidentally In Love Season 2? News & Updates

Accidentally In Love Cast & Crew

The cast and crew of the show are relatively unknown to people who aren’t familiar with the Chinese television scene. However, even with humble beginnings, the series showcases an excellent ensemble of actors. The show’s Director is Zhong Qing. Some of the cast that endeared the audiences can be found below. 

  • Amy Sun as Chen Qing Qing
  • Fiction Guo as Si Tu Feng
  • Elvis Li as Gu Nan Xi
  • Zhao Yi Qin as Lin Yi Yang
  • Zhou Mo as Zhang Fang Fang 
  • Cheng Mu Xuan as Lan Xin Ya

Since 2020 is coming to an end, if there is an announcement for Accidentally in Love Season 2, it will most likely be in early 2021. The Director is currently working on another project as seen above. So, that is also a possible reason for the delay.

Also, viewers mustn’t lose hope because the show is well received by fans and critics. As a result, there is an incentive for Tencent to renew the show for another season.

Accidentally In Love Trailer

As there is no official announcement yet, there is no official trailer for the second season. Once there are trailers, teasers, or other promotional materials, we will definitely let you know. Meanwhile, check out the trailer of the first season below to see if it’s your cup of tea. 


Accidentally In Love Season 2 Release Date

The first season premiered on August 8, 2018. That would logically put the release date sometime in 2019 but that did not happen. As a result, fans have been wondering if there will be a release date. Unfortunately, there isn’t an official release date yet. However, when there is one for Accidentally In Love Season 2, we will definitely let you know. 

Where to watch Accidentally in Love

The series was aired on Tencent and Mango TV for local audiences. Also, it is available for viewing on Netflix as an original series. If and when the second season comes out it will also premiere on Tencent and Mango TV. Also, Netflix will release it as the second season to its original series.

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