SAD New for Harry Potter Fans, Emma Watson Shut Down Tom Felton Dating Rumors

The Harry Potter duo was again in the news and this time because of their link-up rumors. Reel life Hermione and Draco may not have been in good terms in the series, but real-life Emma Watson and Tom Felton had something cooking between them. Initially, Emma Watson posted a picture with Tom promoting his series and congratulating him. They were in their casual outfits, which made us think that, were they hanging out together? Their fans were freaking out as they could relive the Harry Potter moments, as well as they, were happy seeing them together after so long.

Tom Felton also posted a picture giving guitar lessons to Emma Watson. They looked super cute in the picture. But after a while, it felt as if they were just ‘rumors’ because the actress was snapped kissing a mystery man in London. This disheartened their fans as they started connecting them together by names like ‘Dramione.’ Their love story never existed in the reel and real world. In Harry Potter, also Draco used to bully Hermione, and they never fell in love with each other.

Though it was still a misconception that Draco had a crush on Hermione, it seems they have been just good friends. The very pretty Emma Watson, the crush of many teenage guys, had even been in a relationship with Prince Harry, who is now happily married to Meghan Markle. She had many relationships in the past, also though she doesn’t like her personal life to be disclosed.

On the other hand, Tom Felton has dated Jade Olivia Gordon for about 8 years, who also appeared as Draco’s wife at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 This was a huge shock to fans as after a commitment of such long time they would no longer be able to see them together again. Apart from this, he also dated the Originals and Vampire Diaries fame actress Phoebe Tonkin. She later dated Paul Wesley, who starred in the same series. There have been no rumors since then of both Emma and Tom being with someone else after kissing the mystery man controversy. Fans are supposing that it’s a secret that they both don’t want to share. It would remain a mystery for us too.

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