Sekirei Season 3 Release Date Officially Confirmed? Know Here!

The first season of Sekirei was 12-episodes long and was produced by Seven Arcs.  The show was aired between July 2 to September 17, 2008. Soon, the second season called Sekirei: Pure Engagement was announced which aired on Tokyo MX, which aired from July 4 2010 till September 26 of the same year. The show was met with great fans and critical adoration. But there’s been years there was no official news about Sekirei Season 3 development.

Sekirei Season 3 Storyline

The pilot episode introduces us to Minato Sahashi, who himself gets introduced to Musubi, and discovers that she is a Sekirei and that he is her “Ashikabi” (Master). He later meets his other ‘Sekireis’ like Kusano, Matsu, and a troublesome Tsukiumi. Hiroto Minaka (The MBI Director), the archenemy of Minato. At the end of season 1, we see Minato help Kuno and Shiina escape the city. In the end, someone from Karasuba’s past (a member of MBI) helps Minato in his aid of Kuno and Shiina.

In the last episode of the 2nd Season, the MBI tower gets destroyed and  als0 Chiho was cured of her sickness. A relatively happy ending.

According to fan theories, Matsu will find the real motive of MBI through the data collected from the MBI building and that is where Sekirei Season 3 will be picked from.

Sekirei Season 3 Release Date Officially Confirmed? Everything you need to know

The Official Announcement

Rumors started boiling when an anonymous user, claiming to work for Seven Arc Studio said that the studio had plans to make Season 3. He also released some puzzles, for the fans to figure out the release date. However, such things should be taken with a grain of salt, as it could be some random user trying to gain attention.

There has been no official announcement from the studio so far, and season 2 was concluded perfectly. So there is a 50-50 chance of Sekirei Season 3 getting announced.

The Cast

No Casting News so far for Sekirei Season 3. But we do expect the majority of them to come back.  So Shinnosuke Tachibana as Minato Sahashi, Saori Hayami as Musubi, Kana Hanazawa as Kusano, Aya Endo as Matsu, and Marina Inoue as Tsukiumi should be back.

Also, Yukana as Kazehana, Yuki Kaida as Homura, Sayaka Ohara as Miya Asama, Hitomi Nabatame as Uzume can be expected to come back. Also, we can speculate that Sayori Ishizuka as Chiho Hidaka, will have a big role in the upcoming season.

There is no official announcement of the Release Date nor of Sekirei Season 3. Due to leaks by the anonymous user, many fans are speculating that Season 3 should be coming sometime soon. The smartest bet would be Early to late 2021 or even 2022 could be our best guess.  The last episode we ever saw was on September 26, 2010, so it has been a decade, so chances of it being announced are pretty low.

The Trailer of Sekirei Season 3

Sekirei can be watched on 2 different streaming services, which include Amazon Prime and Funimation. Those of you who haven’t watched it can go and watch over there.

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