The A List Season 2 Release Date Confirmed by Lisa Ambalavanar!

The A-List is a British Teen Drama, it had a total of 13 episodes. The whole 1st Season was aired on 25th October 2018 on BBC iPlayer. It was later picked up by Netflix, who aired it inter-nationally on 30th August 2019. The show gained immense popularity with both critics and fans. According to the latest Rumors by Lisa Ambalavanar, The A List Season 2 might be returning in 2021.

The A-List has a pretty basic plot of a group of students arriving at the desolate island, Peregrine as a part of their summer camp. Mia and Amber both compete for Brian’s attention and also for the title of “Queen Bee” of the summer camp. Soon, Amber turns everyone on the island against Mia. With the help of shy and reserved Alex, she finds out that Amber is not Amber, but Midge who died the previous year on Peregrine.  Also, it is shown that Mags is actually a scientist, and has created Amber is chemically constructed.

The show ended suddenly, showing Mia getting thrown off a cliff and dead Midge crawling up the rocks. The A List Season 2 would likely pick up its pieces from there

The A List Season 2 Official Announcement

Nina Metivier, the creator, and writer of A-List told in a Deadline interview that a second season will be released exclusively on Season 2.  No other announcement about Season 2 was made, but it is coming somewhere around the corner.

The Cast

The A List Season 2 Release Date Confirmed by Lisa Ambalavanar: More Upates

The Cast members would more likely remain the same as Season 1.  Lisa Ambalavanar will return as the fan-favorite Mia. On the other hand, Ellie Duckles as Amber, Savannah Baker as Kayleigh, Cian Berry as Dave, Eleanor Bennett as Jenna, Jacob Dudman as Dev, Benjamin Nugent as Harry, Michael Ward as Brendan,  Chetna Pandya as Liana Blackwood, and many others should be back for Season 2. No new cast members have been announced so far. But we will be hearing some new roster additions.

The A List Season 2 Release Date

The initial plan for Season 2 to come out was during August 2020. But due to the pandemic, every film production went on to a halt, and so did A List. Season 2 would reportedly have more episodes than Season 1. According to a few sources, there are a few post-production works left to be done.

It does sound like the shooting stuff has been over and it’s only the editing and other technical stuff that’s left. Considering that, we should hear about Season 2 in a few months. Most likely the release date of The A List Season 2 should be somewhere around Mid-2021.

The Trailer

Season 1 of The A List is available on BBC iPlayer and internationally on Netflix. So those of you who haven’t watched, please do yourself a favor, and check it out

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