Shimoneta Season 2: Release Date, Is it happening? Know here!

Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist, also known as Shimoseka in Japan was initially adapted from a Japanese light novel series written by Hirotaka Akagi. In 2014 a manga adaptation was released and later in 2015, the anime adaptation was produced by J.C. Staff. The first season of Shimoneta with 12 episodes broadcasted from July to September in 2015. Although, viewers should process with discretion as this show is meant for those who don’t have any qualms with dark humor. Moreover, the content is intended for an 18+ audience. It’s been quite a long since we received any updates on Shimoneta Season 2. Let’s read more about what the second season might have to offer us.

Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date

There has been no official announcement of a season 2 for Shimoneta yet. Many series have been postponed or canceled in light of the ongoing pandemic. On the bright side, the cancellation of the series has not been announced either. Many rumors have surfaced over the years regarding the second season being in production. However, our best bet is to wait for an official announcement.

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The Storyline

The story of the series jumps into a dystopian Japan of 2030 that is explicitly against any kind of immoral conduct, ranging from using vulgar language to distributing unwanted items in the country. It’s a comedy wherein the characters are made to wear “Peace Makers”, devices that judge every word spoken and gestures made by the citizens. A high school student named Tanukichi Okuma finds his way into a “public morals school”. Soon, he is kidnapped by a terrorist called “Blue Snow” who compels him to join her organization SOX that has plans to disseminate pornographic content in the city to protest against the strict policies of the country. Shimoneta Season 2 coming soon?

Shimoneta Season 2: Is it happening? Here's all that we need to know

The story is far from complete. A lot is left to be detailed out. We still need an in-depth development of the characters to be laid out since season 1 didn’t provide us with everything. We can only hope for a season 2 in the future.

Shimoneta Season 2 Cast

We can only assume at this point that the old cast members will reprise their roles:

  • Tanukichi Okuma voiced by  Yūsuke Kobayashi
  • Ayame Kajou voiced by Yūsuke Kobayashi
  • Anna Nishikinomiya voiced by Miyu Matsuki
  • Otome Saotome voice by  Satomi Arai
  • Hyouka Fuwa voiced by  Saori Gotō
  • Raiki Gouriki voiced by  Kenta Miyake
  • Kosuri Onigashira voiced by Yui Horie

You can watch the episodes of Shimoneta on Anime lab and Crunchyroll

The Official Announcement

Shimoneta Season 2 has not been officially announced yet, but we are expecting it to release it in 2021. Since there is some time season 2 release, you can watch the episodes of Shimoneta till then. Season 1 is available at Anime lab and Crunchyroll.

The Trailer

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