The ancient magus bride Season 2 announcements and updates

The ancient magus bride season 2 is an upcoming anime TV series. It is based on a Manga series under the same name.  the Manga series was written and illustrated by Kore Yamazaki. Wit Studio produced it under the direction of Norihiro Naganuma. Aya scripted this anime series.

The ancient magus bride 2

The ancient magus bride season 2 plot

The plot of the series as quite unique and of course at us not for Cats as it contains some bold scenes. However, it sets around a 14 years old girl, Chise Hatori. Chise was extremely tired to that extent that she accepted a proposal from a stranger. The proposal was about to sell her life in an auction.

The ancient magus bride 2

However, she is bought by Elias Ainsworth, a man with a head of a beast in the auction. Later, he decides to make her his student and bride. However, it will not be easy because Chise is short tempered and Elias is determined with his intentions. However, this series proves all the fairy tales wrong which have happy endings.

The ancient magus bride season 2 official announcement

Unfortunately the makers of the series haven’t made any official announcements regarding the renewable of the series. However, the fans are eagerly waiting for release of this season.. You can also see the eagerness of the fans for this series on Twitter.

The ancient magus bride Season 2 cast

Since the makers haven’t confirmed its cast for for this sequel. But we can expect the cast of previous season to be back:

The ancient magus bride 2

  • Atsumi Tanezaki Chise Hatori voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki (Japenese) and Dani Chambers (English)
  • Elias Ainsworth voiced by Ryôta Takeuchi (Japenese) and Brian Mathis (English)
  • Ruth voiced by Koki Uchiyama (Japenese) and Austin Tindle (English)
  • Angelica voiced by Yûko Kaida (Japenese) and Janelle Lutz (English)


The ancient magus bride Season 2 Release Date

As stated above the makers haven’t revealed any release date for this sequel. However, if the makers are in a mood to to renew the series, it can be renewed late 2020 or early 2021.

The ancient magus bride Trailer

Unfortunately the maker Sawant released any official trailer for season 2 this upcoming sequel. However if you want to stream the past episodes you can stream it on crunchyroll.

Until we come back with more news about this series you can check one punch man season 3 & more.

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