The Futuristic Anime Drama Dr Stone Season 2 Coming Soon & We have a Release Date for You

If a Post-apocalyptic theme is your thing, then you should watch Dr Stone, which is a very interesting and original take on “technological supremacy vs. the traditional society” and “knowledge is power.” The anime series premiered in 2019.

It is based on a Japanese manga of the same name. Riichiro Inagaki wrote the manga series along with the illustration of Biochim. Writer Yuichiro Kido developed the Manga for television with the direction of Shinya lino. Crunchyroll and Funimation licensed the Anime

The story begins with a mysterious flash of light that traps all humans in stone but does not affect any animals. After 3,700 years, Senku Ishigami, a teenage genius, revives and manages to revive his friends along with his best friend, Taiju.

Senku and Taiju have to figure out a way to restore the humanity that has been encased in stone for so long and build a new civilization. This is where the show has very fresh perspectives to offer that makes the show thought-provoking.

Things start to get complicated when Tsukasa, who believes that they should not bring everyone back, comes at odds with Senku, who wants to bring back every one with his technological genius. This leads to a conflict between them, which leads to a war between the two ideologies.

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What to Expect from Dr Stone Season 2?

The network announced Dr Stone Season 2 at the end of the first season. We believe that the coming season will be based on the ‘stone wars’ arc of the Manga. TOHO Animation launched the trailer for the upcoming season was on 22nd December 2019. The teaser shows Senku, Chrome, and Gen joining fists, which is probably their vow to fight until the end.

Dr Stone Season 2 will probably revolve around how Senku and Tsukasa will prepare for war. It will be amazing to see how the show progresses with its complex characters and narratives. According to various sources, Season 2 is already under production and will most likely air in Mid-2020.

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