The Neighborhood Season 4: Release Date, Plot and The New Cast!

To make us smile again, will The Neighborhood season 4 return?  CBS’ American sitcom was a huge success in the first season but saw a drop during the second. Season 3 was renewed, in May 2020 and premiered in November 2020. Will the show regain its popularity? or will it be canceled before complication? Only one episode of being released, let us hope it gain popularity back. So, we can enjoy The Neighborhood season 4.

 The Neighbourhood Season 4 Release Date:

With season 3 just released in November 2020. We can expect The Neighbourhood season 4 to be renewed in 2021. Each season coming after a gap of 1 year, let us hope season 4 to get renewed in 2021. But due to less rating and viewership in season 2, fans were scared that it will get canceled. It didn’t happen and we got to season 3 and soon it will renew to season 4.

The Neighborhood Season 4: Release Date, Plot and Will The Show have its Cast Returning?

The Official Announcement:

CBS hasn’t yet made any announcement regarding The Neighborhood Season 4. Since season 3 just arrived, let us enjoy it. And wait for CBS to come with next season.

The Storyline:

An over-friendly neighbor, Dave Johnson, move to LA from Midwest with his wife Gemma and son Grover. Tina Butler and her sons Malcom and Marty welcome the Johnson with open arms but her husband Calvin is bitter about it. The neighborhood is wild. so, the Johnson family has to accept this new fun-filled neighborhood.  These small moments between the neighbors led to many laughter worthy moments.

The Neighborhood Season 4: Release Date, Plot and Will The Show have its Cast Returning?

The Cast of The Neighborhood Season 4:

The cast for the next season would probably remain the same but there can be some recurring actors.

The Trailer:

We still don’t have an official Trailer of The Neighborhood Season 4 but we are sure to come back with it soon as the Trailer is Released. Until then you can watch this.


The Neighborhood is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation. So, those who want to watch it can check it out there.

Until we come back with more updates about The Neighborhood, you can check stranger season 3 & more.

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