THOR: Love and Thunder: Christian Bale VILLAIN role CONFIRMED, Tessa Thompson Role & More

Christian Bale, the BATMAN, will be the next villain in Thor: Love and Thunder. The official confirmation came via Valkyrie, i.e., Tessa Thomspon, during an interview with ET Online.

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Christian Bale is the Villain: Official News

It will be the debut for Christian Bale in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For many days, speculations and bubbles were heating up about the entry of Christian, but no one was sure.

Now that the news is confirmed, Tessa said, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve read the script,” she says. I can’t tell you much, but lots of exciting text messages exchanged between Natalie [Portman] and I. We’re going to have fun. We’re going to have fun.

Taika is writing and directing, some familiar faces, some new people into the mix — Christian Bale is going to be playing our villain, which is fantastic. Yeah, it’s going to be good.

Christian Bale will play as Villain in Thor: Love and Thunder

What role will Bale play?

Honestly! God knows or Thor Knows!! Now that it is clear that Christian Bale will be the villain, the question of which villain is still pondering. The Asgardian mayhem can have a multi-villain plot and who will Christian fit to exactly is yet to be known. Many are hunching that it can be either Roxxon CEO Dario Agger or Cul Borson.

Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie

Thompson also hinted about the appraisal of her character role Valkyrie that she will continue to be the king now, not queen.

Thor: Love and Thunder Release Date

On the other hand, Taika Waititi told ET, “Well, if you take Ragnarok, which I feel was a very outlandish and big, bombastic film, we’re trying double down on everything we did with that and created something that is even crazier and even more of a big adventure.”

Notably, Chris Hemsworth will definitely play Thor, and Jane Foster will be the Portman who became Thor: Goddess of Thunder.

Thor will be hammering the screens on November 5, 2021, but the current scoop is a piece of cake for the fans. Filming is expected to start by the end of this year, which means there won’t be any photos coming up soon that can confirm the reel-life identity of Bale. So, keep coming to this section to know more soon.

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