Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order: Chronological Order and Release Order!

Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese manga series, which is written and illustrated by Sui Ishida, and released in 2011. There are three main seasons and few action films based on this series, and this manga series has been made into an anime. This series is about creepy creatures, who camouflage like human beings to live in society. We will take a look at, how to watch the Tokyo Ghoul series, seasons, and anime in order.

1.Tokyo Ghoul Season 1

If you are a person, who has not watched any Tokyo Ghoul, then it is better to watch, Tokyo Ghoul season 1 first.  You will get an introduction to all the characters of the series and can understand what a Ghoul is. We can also understand, why these Ghouls are terrorizing. We go through the tortures of Kaneki, whose body and mind transform against his will. The season is filled with a lot of action and thrillers.

Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order: Chronological Order and Release Order!

2. Live-Action Film

The film is not a must to watch if you only want to understand the story. But the film is worth watching. The special effects are of very good quality and standard.

3. Tokyo ghoul VA Season 2

VA which is also known as season 2 is an original story that follows the manga.

4. (Jack )and (Pinto) OVAs

Jack and Pinto are Ova prequels to the series.

5.Tokyo Ghoul: RE

The story is set two years after the events of the original series have happened. Here we again find that the ghouls are active, and the hunt for them is at its peak. A squad named as Quinx Squad is formed to hunt the ghouls. The squad is led by Haise Sasak, who is half-ghoul and half-human. He is joined by Saiko, Urie, Tooru, and Shirazu.

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