Voice 2: Netflix is releasing the K-Drama in November 2020!!!

Voice is one of those South Korean dramas that intertwines mystery and crime with supernatural powers. This deadly combination is known well for drawing in loads of viewers who are eventually left awestruck and kept asking for more. However, Voice takes a different turn. It doesn’t involve superpowers, but the power of observation learned from one’s experience to solve cases. The misconception has struck many the fans of the show that the show has had only one season, but that’s not the case. The series is, in fact, a trilogy. It’s just that only the first season has been released on Netflix till now. This is about to be solved in the coming month as Netflix has planned to release Voice 2 in November.

  • Is the show worth watching? YES, a big yes!!! The serial killer chase pulls you into a psychological thriller. The show presents complex characters who are trying to solve cases as demanded by their profession, but they are also individuals who are struggling with their own lives.

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Voice 2: Netflix is releasing the K-Drama in November 2020!!!

Voice 2 Release Date

The South Korean Drama was originally released in 2018 on the OCN network. The second season of Voice aired from 11 August to 16 September 2018 for 12 episodes. The name of this starry K-Drama has resurfaced due to its upcoming premiere on Netflix. The release date for the same is 1 November 2020.

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Voice 2: Characters

  • Kang Kwon-joo, played by Lee Ha-na
  • Do Kang-woo played by Lee Jin-Wook
  • Bang Je-soo, played by Kwon Yul
  • Park Eun-soo played by Son Eun-Seo
  • Joo Hye-Jung played by Oh Yoon-hong
  • Kwak Dok-ki played by Ahn Se-ha
  • Jin Seo-yool, played by Kim Woo-suk
  • Na Hong-soo played by Yoo Seung-Mok
  • Yang Choon-Byung, played by Kim Ki-Nam
  • Park Joong-ki played by Kim Joong-ki
  •  Goo Gwang-soo played by Song Boo-gun
  •  Na Hyung-Joon, played by Hong Kyung-in

Voice 2 Storyline

The leader of the Golden Time Police emergency call center, Kang Kwon Joo, can hear things that are ignored by most others. She uses this ability to solve cases in the city of Poongsan. Kang Kwan Joo joins hands with detective Do Kang Woo, who has his own quirks like Kwan Joo and can perceive the working of a criminal’s mind. The show dives deeper into their lives  as a looming mystery awaits to be resolved and connects them

Watch the first season of Voice on Netflix.

Voice 2 Trailer

Watch the trailer of Voice 2 below.


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