When will Saitama be back ‘One Punch Man Season 3’ Release Date, Plot & More

“One Punch Man” is that it won’t take long before Saitama sees Garou again. Fans shouldn’t expect it to lead to immediate explosive war, though. Three surprises in the season of one Punch Man: Saitama goes for a dine-and-dasher.

Garou would probably wake up in season 3 of the first episode of “One Punch Man” to find himself in the hideout of the Monster Association. He heads outside after a brief conversation with Orochi and sees the world in turmoil. But his main goal is to find a place to dine indoors.

He goes into a restaurant and orders virtually every item on the menu. Saitama happens to be at the same place. But after realizing he lost his wallet and had nothing to pay for his meal, the bald hero preoccupied.

Bringing Garou Down:

Luckily, Fubuki notices him proposing a partnership in bringing Garou down. But while Fubuki is preparing her speech, in reality, Saitama is plotting a way to make her pay for his dinner.

Saitama gets a break when the workers at the restaurant scream there’s a dine-and-dasher — it happens to be Garou. Saitama goes after Garou, with a compelling reason to leave and Fubuki to pay the bill. This is most likely what establishes their first meeting in season 3 of “One Punch Man.”When will Saitama be back 'One Punch Man Season 3' Release Date, Plot & More

Season 3 Of “One Punch Man”:

As mentioned, however, this will not be an action-packed sequence in season 3 of “One Punch Man.” Saitama just warns him verbally when she sees Garou, and just walks away. This is going to annoy Garou, as he sees it as the way Saitama belittles him. Saitama is then pursued by the so-called Hero Killer.

Knocking Out:

The bald hero accidentally punctures Garou too hard, knocking him out, when Garou tries to stop Saitama by grabbing him. Saitama has already left after Garou regains consciousness.

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