Who Is Telling The Truth And Who Is Lying?? “Denise Richards” Or “Brandi Glanville” From ‘The Real Housewives’?

Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards have tangled up in a scandal yet again for allegedly hooking up and had a threesome together with “someone.”

Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards are feuding over the rumors (which was initially started from Brandi Glanville) that they hooked up in the past and also had a threesome. Denise denies the rumors, intensely annoyed. The whole feud started when the ladies of Beverly Hills had got together. Taking out an orange county’s book of the past season, they concerned themselves with the notion of threesomes.

Denise had immediately shut down the topic as it wasn’t an appropriate subject to discuss in front of her children. After the kids had taken their leave, the chit-chat was stirred up once again. This was when Brandi made a bewildering revelation to her co-participants that she and Denise had hooked up in the past and addition to a threesome.

Who Is Telling The Truth And Who Is Lying?? "Denise Richards" Or "Brandi Glanville" From 'The Real Housewives'?

Denise had laughed it off on the screen at that time. As the rumors got out of control, she couldn’t tolerate the wrong words on the bustling street and told the management to remove all the exclusive footage, which was shot instantly. She said that it was one thing for the raising eyebrow drama to be scripted and directed for certain situations, but it is morally wrong for brazen lies to be spoken with such clarity that they can be classified as the truth. 

Brandi Glanville is known for her frequently lying habits, so it is very confusing on whom should one believe. She had claimed that she and Denise had hooked up together for several months, and Denise’s wedlock is an open marriage. Denise naturally had emphasized that her marriage with her spouse Aron is not an open marriage. 

“I just got ‘Denise,'” Brandi wrote. 

“Seriously b–ch???? You wanna play,” “1- blackmail is illegal 2- I have no skeletons in my closet (they’re all on the internet) 3- slut-shaming was soooooo last year.” Glanville replied. 

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